Providing solutions to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry with the principle of Pharmaceutical Innovation, INOFAR also servs on the Drug Regulatory Operations.

• In this context, our services are as follows:

• Files for Registration of Establishment
• Follow-up of the Licensing Procedures
• Pharmacovigilance (PSUR) Preparation of reports
• Prepared by experts of clinical, non-clinical and pharmaceutical expertise reports
• Variations (Type IA, Type IB, Type II)
• Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) Preparation of Documents
• Instructions for Use (KT) Preparation Information
• Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation Report
• Preparation and Evaluation of the European Foreign Application Files

The above-mentioned services, as well as the licensing department has been operating in the Industrial Property Rights.

Basic Intellectual Property Rights for Pharmaceuticals patent, trademark and design registrations are composed. Turkey planned to launch a pharmaceutical product on the market or to determine the scope of patent protection, the market value of the product in question is about the idea. This knowledge transfer, licensing, marketing and so on. decision-making process is in effect. In this context, the patent is a source of research information, the following issues:

• Technology on this company and the Protection of Intellectual
• Competitive Against Blockage
• Determination of possible patent and be prevented Rape
• Technological Development, Monitoring of the trend
• Monitoring of competitors' Development
• Comparison of the Performance of the organization
• Identification of gaps in the market potential
• Other companies are planning to produce the product on the market Pharmaceutical Determination
• New Patent Applications filed with the Advanced Products Which Are Related to abroad, to of the required Period of patents in Dosyalanmasının Providing Turkey

Summary information about our services, are summarized below:

• Active substance / Patent Research and Patent Protection for Pharmaceutical Product Scope of the Topic of Data exclusivity is evaluated with the Appraisal Report
• Scope of patent Rape Research / Evaluation / Product Comparison

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